Monthly Mix - #1

We know that not everyone will dig the taste of Greens in just water and that's perfectly OK!  Although we've already had a lot of great reviews & feedback from customers comparing it to other "green drinks" currently available.  The feedback has rated it as one of if not the best they've ever tasted.  We're humbled & also thankful for every ones feedback.



For those of you who haven't completely fell in love with the lightly pineapple flavored taste of Greens in just water, we've decided to do some recon work for you!  Welcome to the very first installment of "Monthly Mix". 

So, without further ado, here is your first MM:

  • 6-8oz water
  • 4oz Simply Orange with Pineapple
  • 1 scoop Basic Supps Greens

Shake vigorously and enjoy the wonderful taste of MM#1!  Also, we're big fans of Kodiak Cakes, especially there "flapjack on the go" & "minute muffins", so if you haven't heard of them before now you should probably check it out.  Which when paired with our Greens makes the perfect breakfast combination for even the busiest business owners, moms, blue collar workers, etc.  Breakfast in under two minutes!


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